Implementation of Datazoom into AMP. The plugin can be implemented by providing a datazoom object in the player config:

Custom metadata can be passed by adding each key-value pair in metadata object, these could either be an existing variable in DOM, static value or an exposed DOM function/method. Player and media data are accessible as well through player data binding. i.e

var config = {
  plugins: {
    datazoom: {
        resources: [
            { src: "../akamai/amp/amp-datazoom/Datazoom.min.js", debug: "../akamai/amp/amp-datazoom/Datazoom.js", type: "text/javascript" }
        config: "",
        metadata: {
            platform: "html5",
            width: "#{player.width}",
            height: "#{player.height}"
akamai.amp.AMP.create("amp", config);
Last modified: 20/3/2023, AMP Support.