Supported SCTE35 outputs

Plugin supports the following Dash ad markers outputs

  • XML

  • Base64 encoded

SCTE35 Markers

Ad marker plugin supports base64 encoded SCT35 and XML ad avail messages. The plugin will throw a scte35 event along with the decoded scte35 message when they are found, if the plugin is not able to decode the scte35 this will be fired as it comes for further client-side decryption.

In order to setup Dash Ad tagging with AMP users must provide the event stream schemeIdUri as part of the plugin config or the media config.

var config = {
  plugins: {
    admarker: {
      resources: [
          { src: "${paths.plugins}admarker/libs/scte35.js", type: "text/javascript" },
          { src: "${paths.plugins}admarker/admarker.js", type: "text/javascript" }]
      schemeIdUri: "urn:scte:scte35:2013:xml"
akamai.amp.AMP.create("amp", config, function(event) {
  var amp = event.player;

  amp.admarker.addEventListener('scte35', function(e) {
    var marker = e.details
    //do something

Alternatively, schemeIdUri can be provided through media config object for individual content, this setup will override schemeIdUri config property on plugin root config object.