ID3 Tags

The following document describes how to implement ID3 Tags module from AMP Android SDK.


The rest of this guide assumes you have successfully integrated AMP’s Core (you are able to play back a video): Basic Integration

Getting started

For reference, check the ID3TagSample Android Studio sample project in the release package. To integrate the plugin into your app, you need to:

1) Add the amp-id3-tags.jar to your project’s /libs folder.

2) In the Activity where playback is handled, import the following Java packages:

    import com.akamai.amp.id3tags.ID3TagData;
    import com.akamai.amp.id3tags.ID3TagEventListener;
    import com.akamai.amp.id3tags.ID3TagExtractorMessageHandler;

3) Add an object of the ID3TagExtractorMessageHandler type in your Activity’s members:

    private ID3TagExtractorMessageHandler mId3TagExtractorMessageHandler;

4) Initialize that object, on the onResourceReady() method from the VideoPlayerContainerCallback:

    public void onResourceReady(MediaResource mediaResource) {
        resource = mediaResource;
        mId3TagExtractorMessageHandler = new ID3TagExtractorMessageHandler();

5) Make your Activity implement the ID3TagEventListener. This interface has a single method:

    public boolean onFoundID3TagData(ID3TagData data);

6) Implement the onFoundID3TagData() method, to receive the ID3 tags and handle them in your own custom way:

    public boolean onFoundID3TagData(ID3TagData data) {
        String id3Tag = data.getText();
        Log.i(LOG_TAG, id3Tag);
         return true;

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