Nielsen DCR Analytics

The following document describes how to implement the Nielsen DCR module for AMP Android SDK.


  1. This guide assumes you can play back a video stream, either with the AmpPlayer module or the basic integration.

  2. It also assumes you have started conversations with a Nielsen representative for them to provide you with some custom metadata specific to your Android app that you will need in Point #5 of this guide (appid, appversion, appname, sfcode and others.).

Getting started

This guide follows the AmpAnalyticsNielsenDcrSample Android Studio project, found in our release page. To integrate the plugin into your App, you need to:

1) Add the following .jars to your project’s /libs folder:

  • appsdk.jar (provided by Nielsen)

  • amp-analytics-nielsen-dcr.jar (provided by Akamai)

2) In the Activity where playback is handled, import the following Java packages:


3) Add an object of the AmpNielsenDcrAnalyticsTracker type in your Activity's attributes:

    private AmpNielsenDcrAnalyticsTracker nielsenAnalytics;

4) Initialize that object on the onResourceReady() method from the VideoPlayerContainerCallback:

    nielsenAnalytics = NielsenDcr.create(videoPlayerView, buildNielsenData());

5) The buildNielsenData() method, returns a object, which is composed of NielsenAppData, NielsenContentData, and NielsenAdData. Those objects receive a java.util.Map of two Strings: the beacon’s name and its value. Each one of them also has the following methods that return a Set<String>:

  • getAllMetadata(): will return all the available beacon names.

  • getMandatoryMetadata(): will return all the mandatory available beacon names.

For an example of how to fill this data, check the file from the AmpAnalyticsNielsenDcrSample.

6) If your App integrates ads, the ad component has to send the different events to AMP’s Nielsen object. For example, using Google IMA Ads (


7) To get certified by Nielsen, it is mandatory to present to the customer an opt-out page. The AmpNielsenDcrAnalyticsTracker provides this custom URL with the method getOptOutUrl(). Refer to and for an implementation example.

8) Now that everything has been integrated, contact a Nielsen representative to get the "Nielsen DCR Pre-Certification Checklist" PDF.

Once you have validated that every item on the checklist is correct, send your App to Nielsen for certification.

If you have further questions or comments, reach out to us via

Last modified: 54/3/2023, AMP Support.