AMP custom analytics plugins

The following document guides you through the basic steps of AMP custom analytics plugin.


In this document we explain how to create a custom analytics plugin.


We use Adobe Heartbeat just to exemplify how we integrate any analytics provider (all the other integrations look basically the same).

You won’t be integrating any plugin, you will be creating your own. To accomplish that, you just need to create a class that extends AnalyticsTracker<X>, where X is a value class that extends AnalyticsTrackerData, for example, MyAnalyticsTracker and MyAnalyticsData respectively.

You can manage MyAnalyticsTracker`’s lifecycle with the `init() and cleanup() mandatory methods in the MyAnalyticsTracker. Inside this class, you would also @Override these and many other similar methods:

  • trackPlayEvent()

  • trackPauseEvent()

  • trackFinish()

  • trackError(String errorMsg)

  • …​

Inside the trackPlayEvent(), you would send the beacon to your backend (or using your custom mobile SDK), signaling that a play has been registered.

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